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We at Healing Waters Colon Care understand how you may be nervous if this is your first-time getting the procedure done. That is why we have a list of commonly asked questions that can help ease your doubts and explain you the benefits of our therapies.


Serving Huntington Beach, CA, you can count on us to ensure that you are comfortable and well informed of the best pre and post therapy practices to ensure stellar results. We offer 10% off for new customers!

Take a Look At Our Frequently Asked Questions

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No, a small tube is gently inserted into the rectum, two separate tubes are used. One carries sterile temperature controlled water into the colon and the other is a larger tube to carry the waste out. The gently pressurized system makes colon therapy no mess, no fuss, no odor.

Is colon therapy embarrassing?

No, sometimes during the procedure the muscles of the colon contract suddenly, expelling considerable liquid and waste into the rectum. The contraction may feel like slight cramping of gas passing with pressure in the rectum. Most of the process is mild and gentle with a wonderfully light and empty feeling afterward.

Can one become dependent on therapy and can the colon stop functioning on its own?

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No. Actually one of the amazing features of colon hydrotherapy is that it can help tone the colon muscles and thereby may assist the colon by improving peristalsis movement.

Is the procedure painful?

No, many of us have five or more pounds of impacted feces in our colon. This is hardened, rubbery material and substantial work must be done to remove it. One cleaning removes some, a second cleaning removes more. Your personal objectives will determine how many treatments you may wish to have. Remember the colon is 5-51/2 feet long.

Will one cleaning completely empty the colon?

No less than a series of 3 sessions is recommended to ensure initial cleansing and hydration benefits. The additional number of sessions will vary depending on the individual needs. Many people find that 6 sessions spread over a 3 week period twice a year to be highly beneficial.

How many Hydrotherapy sessions does one need?

No, colon hydrotherapy may help increase the good intestinal flora. The cleansing out of rotten matter in large intestine provides a clean environment that has been washed and free of putrefaction and harmful bacterial to provide a perfect breeding ground for good bacteria. It also stands to reason that valuable nutrients can be better absorbed in a cleaner environment than a putrefied one.

Does Colon Hydrotherapy wash out all good intestinal flora and important nutrients?


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